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SCI32: Fix fade-in for some screens in Hoyle 5

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bluegr committed Aug 20, 2018
1 parent 16aab5b commit 52ff27746fd85711d9d1dd4b2772feb8a153ffd5
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  1. +13 −1 engines/sci/graphics/transitions32.cpp
@@ -244,7 +244,19 @@ void GfxTransitions32::kernelSetShowStyle(const uint16 argc, const reg_t planeOb

// Do not add kShowStyleNone types to the showStyles list.
// HACK: Hoyle 5 does a fade out in some screens, and then makes a
// kShowStyleNone call to enter the new screen, without a fade in,
// thus leaving the whole screen black. By removing ths return,
// the code for queuing the kShowStyleNone calls is enabled, and this
// wrong behavior is fixed, as the screen palette is restored in the
// processNone() call inside processShowStyle(). I wasn't able to find
// any other notable difference in the graphics code of the Hoyle 5
// interpreter, and disabling this return has no other ill effects for
// this game, so this will suffice for now.
if (g_sci->getGameId() != GID_HOYLE5)

if (createNewEntry) {

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