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3DS: Add a note in the readme about using an older version of freetype2

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bgK committed Feb 13, 2020
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@@ -153,6 +153,11 @@ The following libraries can be downloaded with pacman:
| flac | 3ds-flac |
| curl | 3ds-curl |

At the moment of writing, the version of `freetype2` packaged by devkitPro has an issue
where it allocates too much data on the stack when ScummVM loads GUI themes.
As a workaround, an older version can be used. Version 2.6.5 is known to work well. The
instructions below can be used to compile it.

At the moment of writing, `faad` is not in the devkitPro 3DS pacman repository. It
can be compiled by following the instructions in the section below, in case it cannot
be found through pacman.

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