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OSX: Fixed some file paths when copying docs to the bundle, and updat…

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1 parent 3cd95a3 commit be14ef8ef6bc11a341b368a1a1b40d48d328ce5b @vinterstum vinterstum committed Jan 14, 2012
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@@ -165,10 +165,10 @@ osxsnap: bundle
mkdir ScummVM-snapshot/doc/it
cp $(srcdir)/doc/it/GuidaRapida ./ScummVM-snapshot/doc/it/GuidaRapida
mkdir ScummVM-snapshot/doc/no-nb
- cp $(srcdir)doc/no-nb/HurtigStart ./ScummVM-snapshot/doc/no-nb/HurtigStart
+ cp $(srcdir)/doc/no-nb/HurtigStart ./ScummVM-snapshot/doc/no-nb/HurtigStart
mkdir ScummVM-snapshot/doc/se
- cp $(srcdir)doc/se/LasMig ./ScummVM-snapshot/doc/se/LasMig
- cp $(srcdir)doc/se/Snabbstart ./ScummVM-snapshot/doc/se/Snabbstart
+ cp $(srcdir)/doc/se/LasMig ./ScummVM-snapshot/doc/se/LasMig
+ cp $(srcdir)/doc/se/Snabbstart ./ScummVM-snapshot/doc/se/Snabbstart
/Developer/Tools/SetFile -t ttro -c ttxt ./ScummVM-snapshot/*
xattr -w "" "utf-8;134217984" ./ScummVM-snapshot/doc/cz/*
xattr -w "" "utf-8;134217984" ./ScummVM-snapshot/doc/de/*

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