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BLADERUNNER: Allow McCoy to perform both turns when feeding Maggie

First animated turn is to the counter, second is towards Maggie
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antoniou79 committed Sep 9, 2019
1 parent f5b79a4 commit cd6ebdc88b1c33b657c1ae27b97114a5b891b8ab
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  1. +11 −0 engines/bladerunner/script/ai/maggie.cpp
@@ -271,6 +271,17 @@ bool AIScriptMaggie::GoalChanged(int currentGoalNumber, int newGoalNumber) {
case kGoalMaggieMA02GetFed:
// Allows McCoy to perform both animated turns (first towards the BAR-MAIN and then towards Maggie)
// when Maggie is already too close
// original bug: When Maggie is close McCoy would alternate between
// - turning to Maggie and throw food at her
// - only performing the turn toward the BAR-MAIN and "throw" food to wrong direction
if (Actor_Query_Inch_Distance_From_Actor(kActorMaggie, kActorMcCoy) <= 85) {
Loop_Actor_Walk_To_Actor(kActorMaggie, kActorMcCoy, 48, false, false);
Actor_Face_Actor(kActorMcCoy, kActorMaggie, true);
Actor_Face_Actor(kActorMaggie, kActorMcCoy, false);

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