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Drenn1 authored and sev- committed Aug 8, 2018
1 parent a089dc2 commit ebc6f194c27f23b74df1fb8a8fb8aed43fcdd050
@@ -665,7 +665,12 @@ struct AwayMission {
int16 field4b; // 0x4b
int16 field4d; // 0x4d
int16 field51; // 0x51
bool putSupportBeamInSickbayHallway; // 0x53
bool clearedDebris; // 0x54
bool lookedAtTurbolift2Door; // 0x55
bool kirkSuggestedReestablishingPower; // 0x56
bool havePowerPack; // 0x5a
bool tookCableFromSickbayHallway; // 0x5f
bool tookMolecularSaw; // 0x60
bool readEngineeringJournal; // 0x61
bool examinedTorpedoControl; // 0x66
@@ -2595,6 +2595,49 @@ class Room {

// VENG3
void veng3Tick1();
void veng3Tick15();
void veng3TouchedTurbolift2();
void veng3TouchedTurbolift1();
void veng3WalkToDoor();
void veng3ReachedTurbolift2();
void veng3Turbolift2Opened();
void veng3WalkToSickbayDoor();
void veng3ReachedSickbayDoor();
void veng3SickbayDoorOpened();
void veng3LookAtSupportBeam();
void veng3LookAtDebris();
void veng3LookAtTurbolift2Door();
void veng3LookAtSickbayDoor();
void veng3LookAtCable();
void veng3LookAtDeadGuy();
void veng3LookAtKirk();
void veng3LookAtMccoy();
void veng3LookAtSpock();
void veng3LookAtRedshirt();
void veng3LookAnywhere();
void veng3UseStunPhaserOnDebris();
void veng3UseKillPhaserOnDebris();
void veng3ReachedPositionToShootDebris();
void veng3DrewPhaserToShootDebris();
void veng3DebrisVaporized();
void veng3DebrisFellAgain();
void veng3UseSpockOnDebris();
void veng3UseRedshirtOnDebris();
void veng3UseMccoyOnDebris();
void veng3UseBeamOnDebris();
void veng3ReachedPositionToPlaceBeam();
void veng3PlacedBeam();
void veng3UseSTricorderOnDebris();
void veng3UseMolecularSawOnDebris();
void veng3TalkToKirk();
void veng3TalkToSpock();
void veng3TalkToMccoy();
void veng3TalkToRedshirt();
void veng3GetDebris();
void veng3GetCable();
void veng3ReachedCable();
void veng3PickedUpCable();
void veng3UseMccoyOnDeadGuy();

// VENG4
void veng4Tick1();
@@ -390,7 +390,7 @@ void Room::veng1TriedToGetDebris() {

void Room::veng1UseMccoyOnDeadGuy() {
void Room::veng1UseMccoyOnDeadGuy() { // NOTE: Identical to function in VENG3
int val = getRandomWordInRange(0, 5);

switch (val) {
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