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WIN32: Add reference to Inno setup bmp file in

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lotharsm committed Sep 3, 2018
1 parent 17cb6b1 commit eef9b5ad6ec69cbbee8f68efe7db7e3a7de4f3ed
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@@ -491,6 +491,7 @@ win32dist: all
cp $(WIN32SDLPATH)/SDL2.dll $(WIN32PATH)
cp $(srcdir)/dists/win32/graphics/left.bmp $(WIN32PATH)/graphics
cp $(srcdir)/dists/win32/graphics/scummvm-install.ico $(WIN32PATH)/graphics
cp $(srcdir)/dists/win32/graphics/scummvm-install.bmp $(WIN32PATH)/graphics
cp $(srcdir)/dists/win32/migration.bat $(WIN32PATH)
cp $(srcdir)/dists/win32/migration.txt $(WIN32PATH)
cp $(srcdir)/dists/win32/ScummVM.iss $(WIN32PATH)

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