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DOCS: Add some info on PSX videos for sword1/sword2

A reference to the HOWTO page on the wiki is given for more information
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@@ -511,6 +511,15 @@ Sword has a "SMACKSLO" directory with the same cutscenes, but these are
of lower quality.) You can put them in a subdirectory called "video" if
you find that neater.
+For the PlayStation versions, you can dump the original videos off the
+disc. For each of the files ending in an "STR" extension, you should
+dump them as *raw* sectors off the disc (all 2352 bytes per sector). You
+may also use the re-encoded cutscenes mentioned below instead, but this
+will not work for all videos in Broken Sword II. For more information,
Some re-releases of the games, as well as the PlayStation version, do
not have Smacker videos. Revolution Software has kindly allowed us to
provide re-encoded cutscenes for download on our website:
@@ -528,8 +537,9 @@ audio. Viewing these cutscenes with OGG Vorbis audio requires a version
of ScummVM compiled with both libVorbis and zlib support.
For Broken Sword, we also provide a subtitles add-on. Simply unpack it
-and follow the instructions in its readme.txt file. (Broken Sword II
-already has subtitles; no extra work is needed for them.)
+and follow the instructions in its readme.txt file. The subtitle pack
+currently does not work when running PlayStation videos. (Broken Sword
+II already has subtitles; no extra work is needed for them.)
3.7.2) Broken Sword games cutscenes, in retrospect:

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