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BUILD: Fix missing frameworks for macOS static builds

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csnover authored and ccawley2011 committed Dec 3, 2017
1 parent d75ceae commit f546f39cb005bafdaab3b8e008030056d9cfb9b7
Showing with 1 addition and 3 deletions.
  1. +1 −3 configure
@@ -2564,9 +2564,7 @@ case $_host_os in

append_var DEFINES "-DMACOSX"
append_var LIBS "-framework AudioUnit -framework AudioToolbox -framework Carbon -framework CoreMIDI"
# SDL2 doesn't seem to add Cocoa for us.
append_var LIBS "-framework Cocoa"
append_var LIBS "-framework AudioUnit -framework AudioToolbox -framework Cocoa -framework CoreMIDI"
add_line_to_config_mk 'MACOSX = 1'

# Now we may have MacPorts or Fink installed

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