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Commits on Sep 1, 2015
  1. @dreammaster
Commits on Aug 31, 2015
  1. SHERLOCK: Add missing events.getKey() when checking for "pending D keys"

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
    This is consistent with what happens when checking for "pending U
    keys", so I think it's correct, but the Scalpel keyboard handling
    doesn't work very well at the moment anyway. Probably at least partly
    because of the way it mixes char and Common::KeyCode. I haven't
    been able to wrap my head around it...
  2. @clone2727

    AUDIO: Mark the old Codec class as deprecated

    clone2727 authored
    Once QuickTime audio edits are rewritten to use PacketizedAudioStream, we can remove this class.
  3. @clone2727

    VIDEO: Switch to all packetized streams for AVI

    clone2727 authored
    ZVision does not currently, but that's OK
  4. @clone2727
Commits on Aug 30, 2015
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  11. @dreammaster
  12. @dreammaster
  13. @dreammaster

    SHERLOCK: Syntax fixes

    dreammaster authored
  14. DEBUGGER: Add clarifying comment

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
  15. SHERLOCK: Add "listfiles" debugger command

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
    To make it easier to use the "dumpfile" command. There is little-
    to-no sanity checking in this one...
  16. @dreammaster
  17. @dreammaster
Commits on Aug 29, 2015
  1. SHERLOCK: Finish implementation of song / songs debugger commands

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
    This adds support for Rose Tattoo and 3DO version of Serrated
  2. @dreammaster
  3. @dreammaster
  4. @dreammaster
  5. SHERLOCK: Fix comment typos

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
  6. SHERLOCK: Rework the "song" debugger command

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
    Instead of taking a room number (which didn't work in Rose Tattoo),
    it now takes a song name. To see which songs are available, use the
    "songs" command.
    Note that this is still only works for Serrated Scalpel, since I
    haven't implemented getting a list of available songs for Rose
    Tattoo. I need to study the resource manager a bit first...
  7. DEBUGGER: Add function for printing a StringArray in columns

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
  8. @dreammaster
  9. @dreammaster

    SHERLOCK: RT: Add extra delay after showing scene image in the map

    dreammaster authored
    The original relied on the delay loading the resources for the scene
    to show the image for a few seconds, but since scene loading is so
    much faster now, introduce an extra delay to keep it briefly on-screen
  10. @dreammaster
  11. @dreammaster

    SHERLOCK: RT: Workaround for monkey cap cutscene ending too quickly

    dreammaster authored
    Somewhat unusually, the cutscene for the monkey stealing Hodgkins
    cap (wilb29a.tlk) is ended immediately after they both run off-screen,
    but the characters aren't properly marked as hidden until several
    seconds later when another script, 30cuend, is called. If a user
    saved the game really quickly before 30cuend is fired, it can leave
    the game in an in-consistent state. This commit fixes that by forcing
    the WAIT cursor to remain active until 30cuend has executed.
  12. @dreammaster
Commits on Aug 28, 2015
  1. @dreammaster
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