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Commits on Feb 14, 2016
  1. @bgK
  2. @bgK

    MOHAWK: Add a console command that does random clicks in all the cards

    bgK committed
    A surprisingly effective way of finding bugs
  3. @bgK
  4. @bgK
  5. @tsoliman

    CREDITS: Add myself

    tsoliman committed
  6. @m-kiewitz

    AGI: Fix another comment about dynamic priority table

    m-kiewitz committed
    Available also in 2.425, then removed until 2.936, yada yada.
    priorityToY-Glitch is definitely present in 2.425 as well.
  7. @m-kiewitz

    AGI: set.pri.base was actually available in AGI2.425

    m-kiewitz committed
    Was available only in 2.425 and in 2.936+.
    Fixing comment accordingly. Also allowing the command for 2.425.
  8. @dreammaster

    SHERLOCK: Fix for German version using hatpin/needle in Pratt's pillow

    dreammaster committed
    In Pratt's Loft, the player can probe the pillow with either the needle
    or the hatpin. However, the German version accidentally set up use
    actions for the hatpin twice, resulting in a crash if you tried to use it
Commits on Feb 13, 2016
  1. @m-kiewitz
  2. @m-kiewitz

    AGI: Fix priority band handling

    m-kiewitz committed
    - Fix saving/loading priority bands table. Now saving the actual raw
    - Now also saving the flag, that defines if the priority table got
      modified by scripts
    - For older saved games it will try to figure out the state of that
    - Blocking set.pri.base for AGI below 2.936
    - set.pri.base was actually introduced in 2.936 and not AGI3
    - The set.pri.base bug was present in 2.936 as well
    - Saved games created between the graphics rewrite and this
      commit may have priority issues for games, that used AGI2.936+
  3. @bgK
  4. @bgK

    VIDEO: Stay on the first edit when playing QT videos backwards

    bgK committed
    We don't support playing videos with multiple edits backwards. Taking the code
    path to move to the next edit when playing backwards sets the current edit index
    to an invalid value with the video still trying to play. Which results in out of
    bounds reads, and ultimately a crash.
    This fixes multiple crashes in Myst. Using the key without the chest on
    Stoneship, resetting the clock tower puzzle, and using the switch in the trees
    in Channelwood.
    This was a regression introduced in a59f5db.
  5. @bluegr

    IOS: Adds support for iPad

    Vincent Bénony committed with bluegr
    These keys are automatically added by Xcode when one compiles a regular Xcode project, but are missing when compiling from the command line.
  6. @m-kiewitz

    AGI: Add another situation that needs artificial delay

    m-kiewitz committed
    Comment only
    SQ1, right at the end of the asteroids
  7. @m-kiewitz
  8. @bgK

    MOHAWK: Allow movie areas to override the playback rate

    bgK committed
    Unfortunately our QuickTime player does not allow overriding the playback rate
    for videos with sound. The steel jaw trap in Channelwood is not played at
    125% speed as it should.
  9. @bgK
  10. @bgK

    MOHAWK: Make the conversion from VideoEntryPtr to VideoHandle explicit

    bgK committed
    So that it is a bit less confusing
  11. @m-kiewitz

    AGI: Adding seconds of current time to saved games

    m-kiewitz committed
    Useful to properly detect the most recent saved game
    (that's done by the original save/restore dialogs)
  12. @m-kiewitz
  13. @m-kiewitz
  14. @Kirben
  15. @dreammaster
  16. @dreammaster
Commits on Feb 12, 2016
  1. @lordhoto

    SCI: Formatting fix.

    lordhoto committed
  2. @m-kiewitz
  3. @m-kiewitz

    AGI: Add time delay overwrite for AppleIIgs

    m-kiewitz committed
    Should somewhat fix bug #7026
    Needs testing (although AGI games need to get tested for 1.8.0 anyway)
  4. @lordhoto

    SCI: Make variable name in line with our guidelines.

    lordhoto committed
    (cherry picked from commit 7d7c36b)
  5. @criezy
  6. @m-kiewitz
  7. @m-kiewitz

    SCI: Fix fallback detector crashing on BE regress.

    m-kiewitz committed
    Regression from af3fec8
    Code resulted in a crash on BE platforms
  8. @lordhoto
  9. @lordhoto
  10. @sev-
  11. @sev-

    Merge pull request #664 from Tsbook/master

    sev- committed
    I18N: Czech localization and documentation update.
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