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Commits on Jul 5, 2015
  1. @clone2727
  2. @Kirben
  3. @Kirben
  4. @Kirben

    AGOS: Revert 46d1c10:

    Kirben authored
    AGOS: Give each MIDI track its own loop flag
    Since the changes broke looping in Simon the Sorcerer 2.
Commits on Jul 4, 2015
  1. MADE: Delete AdLib instrument stream after driver initialization

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
  2. MADE: Cleanup AdLib driver initialization...

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
    ... as per m_kiewitz's suggestions.
  3. @m-kiewitz

    AUDIO: Miles Audio AdLib: support AD+OPL3 streams

    m-kiewitz authored
    - support AdLib + OPL3 streams
    - also support stream(s) and filenames getting passed at the same time
    in that case filenames are checked first, streams are used
    as fallback
  4. AUDIO: Make Miles AdLib audio stream permanent

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
    This protects it from any calls to stopAll() in the mixer, which
    is needed for Return to Zork, at the very least.
  5. MADE: Allow loading of from

    Torbjörn Andersson authored
    At the moment, AdLib music doesn't work yet though. At least not
    for this particular case.
  6. @m-kiewitz
  7. @dreammaster
  8. @m-kiewitz

    TINSEL: DW1: Miles Audio AdLib MIDPAK.AD support

    m-kiewitz authored
    - added support for MIDPAK.AD timbre files on top
    FAT.OPL. FAT.OPL gets copied by installer into MIDPAK.AD for this version
    - changed order of timbre file checking
    - adjusted and improved comments about discworld 1 versions
  9. @m-kiewitz
  10. @dreammaster
  11. @m-kiewitz

    TINSEL: DW1: Miles Audio AdLib support for FAT.OPL

    m-kiewitz authored
    eriktorbjorn owns a version of DW1, that only has FAT.OPL and no
    SAMPLE.AD/SAMPLE.OPL. We check if SAMPLE.AD/.OPL are available,
    if not we try our luck with FAT.OPL
  12. @m-kiewitz

    AUDIO: Miles Audio AdLib: read AdLib+OPL3 file

    m-kiewitz authored
    Checks if at least one of those exists and reads the one that does
    Needed for another version of Simon The Sorcerer 2, that only
    features FAT.OPL
  13. @dreammaster
  14. @dreammaster
  15. @dreammaster
  16. @clone2727
  17. @dreammaster
  18. @dreammaster
  19. @dreammaster
  20. @m-kiewitz

    AUDIO: Miles Audio AdLib instrument stream support

    m-kiewitz authored
    - not using byte pointer + size and instead now a
      SeekableReadStream for factory
    - adjusted ACCESS + AGOS engines accordingly
  21. @Kirben
  22. @m-kiewitz

    COMMON: PKWARE data comp. remove temp. targetPtr

    m-kiewitz authored
    which was used for the temporary workaround in commit 4fb3264
  23. @dreammaster
  24. @m-kiewitz

    COMMON: PKWARE data comp. lib. mask dictionary xs

    m-kiewitz authored
    added masking of dictionary offsets when copying from dictionary
    issues should now all be fixed
  25. @m-kiewitz

    COMMON: PKWARE data comp. library fix

    m-kiewitz authored
    add old length+offset code for now, so that the graphical issues
    in SCI don't occur anymore. Will investigate more tomorrow.
  26. @m-kiewitz

    COMMON: PKWARE data comp. library fix

    m-kiewitz authored
    fixes dictionary issues with some compressed data
Commits on Jul 3, 2015
  1. @m-kiewitz

    AGOS: Simon 2: use common PKWARE data comp. lib

    m-kiewitz authored
    use PKWARE data compression library code from COMMON/
    AdLib drivers will get changed to use streams too
  2. @m-kiewitz

    COMMON: PKWARE data comp. lib. cleanup + enhanced

    m-kiewitz authored
    - uses streams now
    - additional method for decompressing, when the target size is not
    - improved comments
    - added AGOS for using it
  3. @bluegr

    MADS: V2: Remove comma at the end of the Phantom verb list

    bluegr authored
    This should fix compilation on gcc
  4. @bluegr

    TONY: Fix inclusion of util.h

    bluegr authored
  5. @bluegr
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