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SimSaw commented Jan 29, 2012

German NEWS (Neues), README (Liesmich) and de_DE.po updated.

tobigun and others added some commits Dec 26, 2011
@tobigun tobigun SCUMM: Fix sound playback if fast-mode is on
Sounds are played that fast in fast-mode that the queue gets stuck.
This is just a workaround and only fixes the symptoms. Check the queue handling for a correct fix.
@tobigun tobigun SCUMM: Fix meteor actor index
- Now the correct actor name is shown with "give ... to meteor". Formerly the name was "".
- Add actor names that do not have a string assigned
@tobigun tobigun SCUMM: Fix bug with tracker ID 3072094
MANIAC C64: Bug while getting the stamps from the parcel - ID: 3072094
MMC64: use stamps with envelope - ID: 3095595
@tobigun tobigun SCUMM: make verbs working better 3ffd195
@tobigun tobigun SCUMM: Fix pickupObject() 32b9df2
@tobigun tobigun SCUMM: changed handling of _activeInventory/_activeActor to _activeOb…

Note: the transition is not completed yet. The code compiles but is probably not runnable as not every occurrence of _activeInventory has been properly replaced.
The usage of _v0ObjectIndex and _v0ObjectInInventory should be revised too and both variables should be replaced by another mechanism (maybe by using a single variable "obj = (type << 8) | id").

- moved v0 only vars _activeInventory, _activeObject, _activeVerb from  ScummEngine_v2 to ScummEngine_v0
- removed _activeActor, _activeInvExecute, _activeObject2Inv and _activeInventory. They are handled by _activeObject/_activeObjectType and _activeObject2/_activeObject2Type now.
- removed _activeObject(2)Index as they only bloat the code without any benefit (?)
- merge prep-name tables from ScummEngine_v2::drawPreposition() and ScummEngine_v0::drawSentenceWord() by introducing ScummEngine_v2::drawPreposition()
- rename ObjectData.flags -> obj_type (quick-fix only, needs review! Maybe obj_nr and obj_type can be merged into one var: obj_nr = (obj_type << 8) | obj_nr)
- o_unknown2 is negation of o_ifActiveObject (o_ifNotEqualActiveObject2)
- renamed o_ifActiveObject -> o_ifEqualActiveObject2 as it acts only on _activeObject2
- renamed ScummEngine_v0::drawSentenceWord() -> ScummEngine_v0::getObjectName()
@tobigun tobigun SCUMM: fix ScummEngine_v0::o_stopCurrentScript() f296bf8
@tobigun tobigun remove unneeded verbPrep() calls 8339e36
@tobigun tobigun - removed complicated and unnecessary _v0ObjectIndex, _v0ObjectInInve…
…ntory, _v0ObjectFlag vars

- started to merge object id and type into one object value (type<<8|id)
- verb preposition ids do not dependent on language -> remove from VerbSettings

- objects with type=0 are foreground objects. They have a state, an owner and a bg overlay image.
- objects with type=1 are bg objects. They do not have a state or owner and are already contained in the bg image. The do not have an entry in objectState/OwnerTable
@tobigun tobigun selecting inventory objects and inventory scrolling works again f8bca70
@tobigun tobigun use constants for c64 actor miscflags 71617ab
@tobigun tobigun replace verb, prep and currentMode values with symbolic constants ed67d54
@tobigun tobigun cleanup fffcce2
@tobigun tobigun - MM C64 uses command stack (SentenceTab, doSentence()) now
- _cmdObject... added for current SentenceTab. The _active... variables are only used to build a sentence in the inventory but never by a script.
-> many routines are not needed anymore and are removed
@tobigun tobigun make START-button in kid selection screen work again 8233af6
@tobigun tobigun - getVerbEntrypoint() should not handle walk-to differently (revert 0…
…x0D handling back to original behavior)

- runSentenceScript(): "if (_cmdVerb == kVerbWalkTo)" must be "if (_cmdVerb != kVerbWalkTo)"
@tobigun tobigun kid selection working again
The kid names are now displayed in the sentence line (instead of the verb area) as it is done in the original.
@tobigun tobigun click into sentence line now performs the action a2c4cf1
@tobigun tobigun fix a regression that was found by segra. 76675a7
@tobigun tobigun reset sentence line if sentence executed 716dfbe
@tobigun tobigun - execute sentence if verb was clicked twice
- reuse the first object if a new verb is selected (but no preposition is used yet)
@tobigun tobigun pop stack if command's object1 and 2 are the same, otherwise the comm…
…and will never be removed and the stack overflows
@tobigun tobigun reset object2 correctly. This fixes the issue that a kid will not ent…
…er the front door after opening it with the key.
@tobigun tobigun make what-is verb work again b5fca08
@tobigun tobigun cleanup
- o5_breakHere() seems to be still needed. For example edna does not manage to walk up the ladder if this is not enabled.
- numLocalObjects seems to be big enough so that < instead of <= can be used. The original interpreter only uses the local ids 0 .. 44 whereas scummvm has _numLocalObjects set to 200.
@Kirben Kirben SCUMM: Fix minor compiler warnings. ca781b5
@Kirben Kirben Revert "SCUMM: Fix minor compiler warnings."
This reverts commit ca781b5.
@fuzzie fuzzie SCUMM: Revert accidentally-committed 0ceeee8..f0172ba. 5407bb8
@eriktorbjorn eriktorbjorn Merge branch 'master' of github.com:scummvm/scummvm e16823a
@eriktorbjorn eriktorbjorn Merge branch 'master' of github.com:scummvm/scummvm 9207919
@eriktorbjorn eriktorbjorn Merge branch 'master' of github.com:scummvm/scummvm f6520e8
@eriktorbjorn eriktorbjorn TOLTECS: Some formatting fixes. 2ef718c
@eriktorbjorn eriktorbjorn KYRA: Remove unnecessary semicolon 10762c0
@SimSaw SimSaw DOCS: Updated German README (Liesmich) and NEWS (Neues). bf965ad
@SimSaw SimSaw I18N: Updated German translation. 43c2085
criezy commented Jan 29, 2012

I manually fetched the two commits at the bottom of the pile and pushed them. I guess all the other commits were not meant to be there.

@criezy criezy closed this Jan 29, 2012
SimSaw commented Jan 30, 2012

Thanks for doing so! Something must have gone wrong when rebasing.

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