JANITORIAL: Remove braces for single line if-block #220

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singron commented Mar 29, 2012

@tsoliman suggested I make this change. It's purely cosmetic, relating to my last commit.

Also is this the proper use of this subsystem?


I thought that subsystem was for global cleanups.
I would have written "SKY: Minor formatting change" or similar. My rationale is that it is that someone doing a bisect or a blame or a log operation would know to skip or disregard.


I would agree with tsoliman. Since this only touches the sky engine, SKY: would be the prefix...

This is made clear in:
"JANITORIAL: Cross-subsystem cleanups and formatting changes"

@singron: If you haven't already, you should read this document and the other documentation at:

However, we are not slavish about these rules, we do like the code/commits to be consistent i.e.


Since this was a very small formatting only fix, it didn't really justify a pull request (and nasty merge commit! ;-). Have made the fix in master, so can close this without merge.

@digitall digitall closed this Mar 30, 2012
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