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CRAB: Fix wrong keymap being set in the Dialog Box #5424

merged 1 commit into from Nov 14, 2023


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Now pressing enter key loads the next statement of the character in the dialog box.

Now pressing enter key loads the next statement of the character in the
dialog box.
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coderabbitai bot commented Nov 13, 2023



The update to the game's code modifies the event handling within the GameDialogBox. It introduces a mechanism to switch between key binding modes when interacting with the dialog box. When a button click event occurs, the system now checks the current key binding mode. If it's not set to the user interface mode (KBM_UI), it switches to it. After processing a left click, the mode reverts back to the game mode (KBM_GAME). This ensures that key bindings are appropriate for the current context.


File Summary
.../crab/ui/dialogbox.cpp Modified GameDialogBox::handleEvents to switch key binding modes during button click events.


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Comment on lines 83 to 98
// Purpose: Handle input
bool GameDialogBox::handleEvents(const Common::Event &event) {
return (_button.handleEvents(event) == BUAC_LCLICK);
// Switch to KBM_UI
if (g_engine->_inputManager->getKeyBindingMode() != KBM_UI)

bool isLeftClick = (_button.handleEvents(event) == BUAC_LCLICK);

if (isLeftClick) {
// Switch to KBM_GAME

return isLeftClick;
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The changes correctly implement the logic to switch key binding modes based on the event type. However, it's important to ensure that the key binding mode is only changed when necessary to avoid unnecessary calls which might affect performance or cause unexpected behavior in other parts of the game. Additionally, the code should ensure that the key binding mode is always correctly restored, even if an exception or an early return occurs between the mode switch and the restoration. Consider wrapping the mode switch and restoration logic in a RAII (Resource Acquisition Is Initialization) style object that automatically restores the previous mode when it goes out of scope.

class KeyBindingModeGuard {
    KeyBindingModeGuard(InputManager* inputManager, KeyBindingMode newMode)
    : _inputManager(inputManager), _oldMode(inputManager->getKeyBindingMode()) {

    ~KeyBindingModeGuard() {

    InputManager* _inputManager;
    KeyBindingMode _oldMode;

// Usage in the GameDialogBox::handleEvents function
bool GameDialogBox::handleEvents(const Common::Event &event) {
    KeyBindingModeGuard modeGuard(g_engine->_inputManager, KBM_UI);
    bool isLeftClick = (_button.handleEvents(event) == BUAC_LCLICK);
    if (isLeftClick) {
        // The destructor of KeyBindingModeGuard will automatically switch back to the old mode
    return isLeftClick;

This ensures that the key binding mode is always restored, even if an exception is thrown or if there are multiple return paths from the function.

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sev- commented Nov 14, 2023


@sev- sev- merged commit 5fec5a9 into scummvm:master Nov 14, 2023
8 checks passed
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