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CREATE_PROJECT: add windows subsystem support to cmake #5439

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Created as pull request, as I don't have a windows to test this change on.

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coderabbitai bot commented Nov 16, 2023



The changes across various files involve code refactoring and feature adjustments. In the devtools/create_project files, functions now accept const std::string & to prevent unnecessary string copies, optimizing performance. Additionally, a new conditional check for the WIN32 subsystem has been introduced in cmake.cpp to modify executable generation based on project setup. In the engines/twine files, function names within the Menu and Animations classes have been renamed, indicating a possible shift in functionality or clarification of purpose.


File Summary
devtools/.../cmake.cpp Added conditional check for setting WIN32 subsystem in executables.
Modified featureEnabled and getFeature to take const std::string &.
Renamed functions to better reflect their behavior or purpose.


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