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ULTIMA: ULTIMA6: Fix roof drawing #5441

merged 2 commits into from Nov 19, 2023


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  • Fix assert on loading roof bitmap
  • Fix garbled roof drawing

Both regressions were introduced in commit c4970c9
"Fix crash in GUI on surface blit"

Fixes #14687

Note: The commit message prefix for Ultima 6 is pretty inconsistent in the log, let me know if I should change it.

Do not ignore palette when loading bitmaps via SDL_LoadBMP.

Prevents the following assert on game start when roof drawing
is enabled:

void Graphics::ManagedSurface::blitFromInner(const Graphics::Surface&,
 const Common::Rect&, const Common::Rect&, const byte*):
Assertion `!destFormat.isCLUT8() && srcPalette' failed."

The bug was introduced in c4970c9
"Fix crash in GUI on surface blit"

Fixes #14687
SDL_LoadBMP() was changed to convert to screen pixel format in
commit c4970c9
"Fix crash in GUI on surface blit".

The change causes roofs to be drawn garbled when game style is set to
"new style", as the blitting code expects an unconverted bitmap.

Adjust roof drawing to use ManagedSurface::blitFrom instead.
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coderabbitai bot commented Nov 16, 2023



The changes involve updates to the Ultima game engine, specifically the Nuvie GUI widgets and SDL compatibility layer. The MapWindow class has been enhanced with a new sub-surface for drawing operations, optimizing the rendering of roofs by using blitting instead of direct pixel manipulation. Additionally, the loading of roof tiles has been simplified by removing a conditional check for the original game style. The SDL compatibility layer now supports palette handling during bitmap loading, improving color management during blitting.


File Summary
.../nuvie/gui/widgets/map_window.cpp Introduced _mapWinSubSurf for optimized drawing, updated drawRoofs to use blitting, and simplified loadRoofTiles.
.../nuvie/gui/widgets/map_window.h Added _mapWinSubSurf of type Graphics::ManagedSurface to MapWindow.
.../nuvie/misc/sdl_compat.cpp Enhanced SDL_LoadBMP to support palette during blitting with blitFrom.


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@mduggan mduggan merged commit eb91759 into scummvm:master Nov 19, 2023
8 checks passed
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mduggan commented Nov 19, 2023

Simple enough change, and I confirmed it fixes the problem locally. Thanks!

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