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This directory contains various tools which aid the ScummVM developers in their
work. They are not intended for the general audience, and are only sparsely, if
at all, documented. Use at your own risk. You've been warned :-)

   Tool which converts BDF fonts (BDF = Bitmap Distribution Format) to C++
   source. That source, after being slightly tweaked, can be used to
   replace or add fonts for the ScummVM GUI.

   There is also a ttf2bdf tool which allows you to convert TrueType fonts
   to BDF.

   Hint from SumthinWicked: If you use ttf2bdf, it'll convert all glyphs to
   bitmaps, but ScummVM only needs some of them. So you may want to do your
   conversion like this:
     ttf2bdf -p SIZE -l "32_160" -o FONT.bdf FONT.ttf
   where SIZE is replaced by the desired font height.
   This perl script contains credits to the many people who helped with
   ScummVM, and it is used to create the credits lists that occur in various
   places, including the AUTHORS file, the about dialog, and our web site.
    This shell script is used to create source release archives for ScummVM
    releases. After tagging a branch for release, you can invoke it like this:

      ./ scummvm 0.7.1

    Note #1: This creates .zip, .tar.bz2 and .tar.gz archives in /tmp by default.
    To do that it performs a "cvs export" in /tmp first. If you want to use
    another location, you can specify it as the thirds param to the script.

    Note #2: This assumes that our naming conventions for release tags are
    being followed. I.e. the tag must be named "release-0-7-1" in the above
    example. You can, however, specify an alternate tag as the fourth param.

    Note #3: Since anon CVS tends to lag behind developer CVS, if you
    just tagged CVS, anon CVS may not yet have this. So if you are in a hurry,
    modify the cvsroot in the script to use your dev CVS account.

    Used to convert scumm-md5.txt into a SCUMM header file, or alternatively
    PHP code for our website.

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