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<title>Xonix for 2 players Help</title>
<h1>How to play 'Xonix for 2 players'?</h1>
<h4>What is the goal?</h4>
You should dodge the monsters, pull a line across the empty area, thus cleaning it up.
60.0% should be cleaned before you run out of time.
<h4>What are the controls?</h4>
You can control the Red player with the arrow keys.<br/>
The green player uses the 'WASD' buttons.<br/>
Once you started pulling a line across the empty area,
you should not stop before reaching a safe place again.<br/>
For other game modes and some settings, you can reach the menu with the 'Esc' button:<br/>
<img src="img/menu.jpg"></img>
<h4>What is two player cooperative mode?</h4>
The green player can also help to clean up the area. However, you should not cross each others lines!<br/>
You can also die from crossing the line pulled by the other player, or yourself.<br/>
If one of you die (a monster catches you, or you accidentally stop in the middle of pulling)<br/>
the other can still finish the level.<br/>
If you level up, the other player is resurrected even if she has no more lives.<br/>
The game is over if both of you run out of lives.
<h4>What is two player competitive (aka Yin/Yang) mode?</h4>
After some practice with Single mode and Cooperative mode, you should try the Yin/Yang version!<br/>
In this mode you are playing against your opponent, the Red player should increase the red area,
the Green one... well, you can guess: the green area.<br/>
All monsters are deadly to both players.<br/>
<img src="img/yinyang.jpg"></img>
<h4>What is torus mode?</h4>
Instead of a closed rectangle, the field is acting as a torus surface:
after leaving the field on the right, you appear on the left.<br/>
Torus mode works in each game mode, and makes the game somewhat different:<br/>
<img src="img/torus.jpg"></img>
<h4>What is Combined control?</h4>
Controlling your player gets a little bit easier with Combined control, for instance:
if you keep on pushing the 'up' arrow, and you press 'left' for a while,
you'll move up, then left for a while, the up again. Without Combined control,
you'll die after you release the 'left' arrow without releasing and activating the 'up' arrow again.<br/>
With Combined control it is really easy to draw staircase shapes:<br/>
<img src="img/combined_control.jpg"></img>
<h4>The game is terribly slow on my machine, what can I do?</h4>
The game is optimized for the Chrome browser, you may try that one.<br/>
(For instance on FireFox it is not even playable, I'll check that issue when I'll find the time for that.)