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MultiChecksum is a go module and a commandline application to generate multiple cryptographic checksums at once for a given set of files.

Library Variant

There is a very simple library called multichecksum. It consists out of one function and one type.

// Checksums is a map that holds filename and checksums for that file
type Checksums map[string]string

// CalcChecksums takes a filename and the file content and returns a map with the checksums
func CalcChecksums(filename string, data []byte) *Checksums {
    [...] }

The command line tool makes use of that library as you can see in the following listing:

		chksums := multichecksum.CalcChecksums(filename, data)
		for _, sum := range *chksums {
			fmt.Printf("%s", sum)

Stand Alone Variant

The stand alone variant is under cmd/MultiChecksumNoLib/. This is a command line tool that does the job, no library required.

This is basically the first version of MultiChecksum


go get


# Install the lib
cd ${GOPATH}/src/
go install

# Install the commandline app
cd ${GOPATH}/src/
go install MultiChecksum.go


After installing the commandline app you should be able to execute

MultiChecksum file1.bin file2.bin anotherFile.doc