@scusi scusi released this Jul 11, 2018

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6bf713b Merge branch 'v0.2.0' of into v0.2.0
acc1814 WIP: added basis for config restore
7a622c3 adding config handler to server
6fe3fb8 adding first basis for machine identification and authorization
d68858d adding outFile flag to client cmd
e530f95 adding: purge action (client), support to store and load client config from remote and local locations
972f9a1 addressbook can now be also saved remote
5a03ee2 fix: made sure users can only download their own files
df56846 introduced machineID and machineToken to prepare fixing Issue#16
d49174b made goreleaser work again
1e7df03 renamed store to fileStore
2215363 updated goreleaser
0fdbc61 updated goreleaser
e18405d updating