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Vim syntax and plugin files for Nu
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Vim Syntax and Plugin files for Nu.

The Nu syntax file provides basic syntax highlighting.

The Nu plugin provides two features within Vim:
1. Reindents Nu code via nubile.
2. Integrates Nu with screen.

These features are mapped to the following keystrokes:

<C-c><C-c> :  Send current scope or selection to screen
<C-c>f     :  Send entire file to screen
<C-c>c     :  Connect to a different screen session

<C-c>n     :  Reindent Nu file

More details on the plugin functionality are in the
comments at the top of the plugin nu.vim file.


Place these files in either your ~/.vim directory
or (on Mac OS X) in /usr/share/vim/...

Put a line like this in your ~/.vimrc file:
  au BufNewFile,BufRead *.nu,*.nujson,Nukefile    setf nu

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