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GDB for pwn.



cd ~/
git clone 
cp ~/Pwngdb/.gdbinit ~/

If you dont want to use gdb-peda , you can modify the gdbinit to remove it.


If you want to use the feature of heapinfo and tracemalloc , you need to install libc debug file (libc6-dbg & libc6-dbg:i386 for debian package)


  • libc : Print the base address of libc
  • ld : Print the base address of ld
  • codebase : Print the base of code segment
  • heap : Print the base of heap
  • got : Print the Global Offset Table infomation
  • dyn : Print the Dynamic section infomation
  • findcall : Find some function call
  • bcall : Set the breakpoint at some function call
  • tls : Print the thread local storage address
  • at : Attach by process name
  • findsyscall : Find the syscall
  • fmtarg : Calculate the index of format string
    • You need to stop on printf which has vulnerability.
  • force : Calculate the nb in the house of force.
  • heapinfo : Print some infomation of heap
    • heapinfo (Address of arena)
    • default is the arena of current thread
    • If tcache is enable, it would show infomation of tcache entry
  • heapinfoall : Print some infomation of heap (all threads)
  • arenainfo : Print some infomation of all arena
  • chunkinfo: Print the infomation of chunk
    • chunkinfo (Address of victim)
  • chunkptr : Print the infomation of chunk
    • chunkptr (Address of user ptr)
  • mergeinfo : Print the infomation of merge
    • mergeinfo (Address of victim)
  • printfastbin : Print some infomation of fastbin
  • tracemalloc on : Trace the malloc and free and detect some error .
    • You need to run the process first than tracemalloc on, it will record all of the malloc and free.
    • You can set the DEBUG in , than it will print all of the malloc and free infomation such as the screeshot.
  • parseheap : Parse heap layout
  • magic : Print useful variable and function in glibc
  • fp : show FILE structure
    • fp (Address of FILE)
  • fpchain: show linked list of FILE
  • orange : Test house of orange condition in the _IO_flush_lockp
    • orange (Address of FILE)
    • glibc version <= 2.23


  • Chunkinfo


  • Mergeinfo


  • Heapinfo


  • Heapinfoall


  • parseheap


  • tracemalloc


  • magic magic