Creates iCal data based on the resource planning information.
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Creates iCal data based on the resource planning information.

This project will not be very useful to you except if you work at Cocomore.

We assign developers to projects based on a large Excel sheet. My colleague Olav and I both hate looking at a large Excel sheet, so he created a script that will import its data into an SQLite database and make it available as a web frontend, and I created a script that will use that database to create iCal data that I can then import into Google Calendar or things like that.

What you're looking at is that second script.


npm install git+

You need Node.js, of course.


Supply the employee you want to create the iCal for as command line parameter. I use a cronjob and the supplied script like this to create it and publish it on the web for Google Calendar to find it:

cd "$HOME/proj/coco-icalres" && ./ "$url_to_sqlite_db" 'Tim Weber' "$some_host" "$some_path"


This tool was written by Tim Weber. It basically is a hackish company-internal project, but if you need to contact me about it, feel free to do so.