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   dretweet - Direct Message Retweet

dretweet is a small tool to periodically retrieve direct messages sent to a 
Twitter[1] account. It will then send the messages on behalf of that account, 
letting it look like someone would have written the tweet while logged in to 
that account.

This is useful for Twitter accounts that belong to a group or project. Since 
only people that are being followed by an account can send it a direct 
message, no additional authentication is needed.

dretweet can be installed on any host that runs PHP 5 or higher. It is usually  
run via a cron job.


 A b o u t   d r e t w e e t

dretweet was written by Tim 'Scytale' Weber and is licensed under the terms of 
the X11 license, see the LICENSE file.

This project is _active_, patches and ideas are encouraged.

Project page:
Git repository:     git://
Twitter account:
     of Scytale:

 R e q u i r e m e n t s

* PHP 5 or higher
  * cURL extension
  * SimpleXML extension

 I n s t a l l a t i o n

 - Get the source and unpack it somewhere. You can use "git clone 
   git://" if you want, that'll simplify updating 
   later on.

 - Create a configuration file in dretweet's directory. The file can have any 
   name you want, but it has to end in ".conf.php". A good idea is to use the 
   user name it is for, e.g. scytale.conf.php. Have a look in example.conf to 
   see the two variables you need to set and how to configure additional 
   settings like a "who is allowed to post" whitelist.

 - You can have any number of config files you want. dretweet will use them 
   one after the other to query and post to multiple accounts.

 - Make sure that dretweet.php gets called in regular intervals, for example 
   by a cronjob.

 F r e q u e n t l y   A s k e d   Q u e s t i o n s

 - So everybody who is followed by the account dretweet posts to has the right 
   to send new messages?

   Yep, except if you limit the set of people further by using the $DRE_ALLOW 
   variable. Have a look in example.conf to see how it works.

 - Could people send something like "LEAVE theoriginaladminsname" and take 
   control over everything?

   Yep. Trust the people, or don't follow them. Luckily, they cannot change 
   the account's password, so you can still lock them out when they start 
   doing nasty stuff.

 - Would it be possible to ADD FEATURE X?

   Most likely. However, my time is limited. You may ask for new features, but 
   be prepared for "sorry, I'm currently not interested in implementing this". 
   If you write the feature yourself and send a patch, the chance to have it 
   included is much higher. ;)

 - Is dretweet "Twitpocalypse Safe"?

   Yes, sir. Starting from 0.3.3 we're using floats instead of ints which 
   leads to a lot more possible values.

// vim: set fo+=nat tw=78 et ai: //


dretweet retweets DMs sent to a Twitter account for remote control.