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0.3.3 -- 2009-06-07
- Since the Tweet ID will soon be larger than the maximum value of PHP’s
integers, we are now using float values internally. This should protect us
from the “Twitpocalypse“.
0.3.2 -- 2009-03-27
- Some hours ago, Twitter decided to ignore the "since_id" parameter we pass
to select only "new" DMs for some minutes. The result was that lots of
recent DMs got posted again, which was quite spammy. Therefore we now check
whether the Tweet ID of a DM is really actually larger than our since_id.
This should eliminate the problem.
0.3.1 -- 2009-02-24
- Discovered a security issue in all previous versions: When a message started
with an @ character (i.e. an "@reply"), PHP's cURL library was interpreting
the characters after the @ as a file name to read the actual data from. This
meant that a) dretweet could not send @replies and b) a malicious user could
send something like "@.bash_history" to receive the contents of that file.
The problem is fixed, everyone is urged to update. However, only users who
are authorized to use dretweet are able to exploit this error at all.
- When cURL fails posting a tweet, the error message now explicitly says which
tweet failed.
0.3 -- 2009-01-25
- Added user whitelisting via $DRE_ALLOW. With it, you can limit the set of
people who are allowed to post to an account further than just "everyone
that account is following".
0.2.1 -- 2009-01-23
- Corrected an embarrassing error: I left the require_once() for the old
config file in the code, causing dretweet to not work at all, except if you
had your config named that way.
0.2 -- 2009-01-23
- Added source parameter (so Twitter now shows "from dretweet" in the meta
information of our tweets).
- Added multi-user support by using multiple config files. Your previous
config file will not work, so please check out the provided example.conf and
the README to see how the new format and file naming scheme looks like.
0.1 -- 2009-01-22
- First release. Single-user and pretty lame, but working.
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