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BenBE authored and Tim Weber committed Nov 10, 2009
1 parent b92061b commit 844529e6575a7c1e278e7ab6be66960a220cffbb
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@@ -0,0 +1,47 @@

# Author: BenBE <>
# Description: Reads maximum ID values from MediaWiki history dumps

#Check if one argument AND that file given there exists; usage otherwise ...
if ! [ 1 -eq $# -a -f $1 ]; then
echo Usage: $0 dump.xml.bz2
echo This will read dump.xml.bz2 and output the necessary meta data for MAXPAGE, MAXREV and MAXUSER.

echo Cleaning up from previous runs ...
# Remove a tempfile of previous runs if it exists ...
[ -f $1.tmp ] && rm -f $1.tmp

echo Doing pre-filtering on the bz-compressed dumpfile ...
# Prefilter the dump file for lines containing any IDs ... and remove their surrounding tags
# The six blanks in the search pattern of grep are for broad pre-filtering
# To ease the post-processing for the second pass an unique pattern which can be ignored when numerically sorting is prepended
bzgrep " <id>" $1 | sed "s/<id>/0/" | sed "s/<\/id>//" > $1.tmp

echo "Looking up the maximum page id ..."
# Query the value for MAXPAGE (six spaces before <id> node) ...
MAXPAGE=`grep "^ 0" $1.tmp | sort -nr | head -n 1`

echo "Looking up the maximum revision id ..."
# Query the value for MAXREV (eight spaces before <id> node) ...
MAXREV=`grep "^ 0" $1.tmp | sort -nr | head -n 1`

echo "Looking up number of users (not implemented yet) ..."
MAXUSER="(not implemented)"

echo Cleaning up ...
rm $1.tmp

echo Processing done.
echo "Found:"
echo " - MAXPAGE: ${MAXPAGE}"
echo " - MAXREV: ${MAXREV}"
echo " - MAXUSER: ${MAXUSER}"

echo "Have a nice day!"

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