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This is my "business card" website. It's designed to be a simple and fast landing page that links to my online profiles and ways to contact me.

Design goals

  • fast load time
  • works on "any" browser
  • "beautiful"

These are of course only soft, non-measurable goals, but I couldn't be bothered to define them more formally.


  • No JavaScript is used, simply because I don't need it (yet). I might add a tiny bit in the future for feature detection.
  • Uses CSS transformations, animations and gradients for eyecandy.
  • Designed responsively for all screen sizes.
    • On smaller screens, there will be no rotation or shadow, the card spans the full screen width.
    • If the screen gets even smaller, the avatar image disappears and the link lists are displayed vertically.
  • Progressive enhancement instead of graceful degradation: The stylesheet even works (95%) when the browser doesn't support media queries. And since the HTML is clean and simple, your browser doesn't even have to support CSS at all.
    • I've tested the page in a CLI browsers. elinks has a nasty bug, but I'll find a workaround.
  • I've inlined the PNG texture of the business card using a data URL to save one HTTP request. I'm thinking about inlining the CSS as well.

Tested on

  • Chrome 70
  • Firefox 63
  • Edge 42
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • w3m 0.5
  • elinks 0.12


My business-oriented web site.




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