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   TweetHub - GitHub notifications to Twitter

TweetHub is a small tool to post a commit message to a Twitter[1] account once 
a repository on GitHub[2] has been updated.

It can be installed on any web server that runs PHP 5.2 or higher. Since 
there's no polling but GitHub's web hooks being used, you don't need support 
for cron jobs on your server.


 A b o u t   T w e e t H u b

TweetHub was written by Tim 'Scytale' Weber and is licensed under the terms of 
the X11 license, see the LICENSE file.

This project is _active_, patches and ideas are encouraged.

Project page:
Git repository:     git://
Twitter account:
     of Scytale:

 R e q u i r e m e n t s

* PHP 5.2 or higher
  * JSON extension (enabled by default)
  * cURL extension

* Apache Web Server (others not tested, contact me if it works elsewhere)

 I n s t a l l a t i o n

 - Get the source and unpack it to a directory on your web server. You can use 
   "git clone git://" if you want, that'll simplify 
   updating later on.

 - Copy config.php.dist to config.php and edit it to your needs.

 - Symlink (recommended), copy or move tweethub.php to some other name. Why? 
   Because otherwise, everyone knowing your GitHub project's name could send 
   updates to TweetHub. Use a random name like JasUD89Dfoe.php.

 - Open the URL to the file you symlinked tweethub.php to in your browser. You 
   should see the message "no payload".

 - In GitHub, go to the "Admin" page of your project and enter the URL into 
   "Post-Receive URL". If you want, send a test.

 - That should be it. Have fun!

 F r e q u e n t l y   A s k e d   Q u e s t i o n s

 - Why are the updates to Twitter not instantly after my "git push" returns?
   Because GitHub has some delay between receiving the push and calling the 
   web hook. There's nothing TweetHub can do about it.

 - I've committed something, but it doesn't show up on Twitter, even after 
   waiting some minutes. What happen?
   TweetHub is designed to be pretty simple. If the call to for URL 
   shortening or the Twitter API call fails, no further attempt will be made 
   and your commit won't be twittered. This should happen relatively seldom, 

 - What's bad about the built-in GitHub to Twitter integration, i.e. why did 
   you create this project at all?
   Honestly? Because GitHub's Twitter integration was hidden well enough to 
   keep me from finding it. In English: I didn't know that there's already an 
   integration. But TweetHub still has its advantages: You don't need to give 
   TweetHub your Twitter password, you can change the commit messages and you 
   get URL shortening instead of I have not tested GitHub's 
   Twitter functionality, so I can't tell if theirs is more reliable or 
   faster, nor if there are any other differences I did not mention.

// vim: set fo+=nat tw=78 et ai: //


A lightweight GitHub to Twitter gateway using web hooks.







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