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Added FAQ: What about GitHub's Twitter integration?

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Tim Weber
Tim Weber committed Oct 15, 2008
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@@ -73,5 +73,15 @@ Twitter account:
and your commit won't be twittered. This should happen relatively seldom,
- What's bad about the built-in GitHub to Twitter integration, i.e. why did
you create this project at all?
Honestly? Because GitHub's Twitter integration was hidden well enough to
keep me from finding it. In English: I didn't know that there's already an
integration. But TweetHub still has its advantages: You don't need to give
TweetHub your Twitter password, you can change the commit messages and you
get URL shortening instead of I have not tested GitHub's
Twitter functionality, so I can't tell if theirs is more reliable or
faster, nor if there are any other differences I did not mention.
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