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hakuch and avikivity Use `#pragma once` everywhere
"include-guards" have the following disadvantages:

- They are error-prone since the name has to be repeated.
- The name needs to be unique in order to prevent including the same
  file many times. The names Seastar used previously were not qualified
  and the risk for conflict was high.

`#pragma once` succint, is supported on all modern compilers, is used in
many Seastar headers already, and eliminates the potential for errors
around conflicts and naming.

Signed-off-by: Jesse Haber-Kucharsky <jhaberku@scylladb.com>
Message-Id: <f8161687e9539998e0faec47f977921d5091d0ae.1530912147.git.jhaberku@scylladb.com>
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