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+ Archives of released versions can be downloaded from the download
+ area of the Sourceforge project page.
+ Development versions are available via
+ + the Bazaar repository on Sourceforge:
+ bzr branch bzr:// rudel
+ + the SubVersion repository on Sourceforge:
+ svn co rudel
+ + the (experimental, but hopefully properly synchronized) Git repository at GitHub:
+ git clone git://
Rudel is developed and tested only with GNU Emacs and therefore
unlikely to run on other Emacs variants like XEmacs.
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but are not actively tested.
** Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools (CEDET)
- Cedet contains the object system Eieio, which is used in Rudel's
- object-oriented implementation. Cedet can be obtained from
- *IMPORTANT*: It is necessary to use at least the 1.0pre6 version of
- CEDET since it fixes a serious problem in the object system Eieio.
As of October 2009, Eieio is included in GNU Emacs. If you are
using a version built since then, you do not have to install it
- yourself.
+ yourself. (Otherwise, CEDET can be obtained from
** GnuTLS (optional)
Connections to Gobby servers require the gnutls-cli program.
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- To install Rudel, download a released version or the current
- development version from and
- place the code in any directory you like.
- Once Eieio (see CEDET in the [[*REQUIREMENTS]] section above) is
- installed, add the following to your personal Emacs configuration:
+ Evaluating [[./rudel-compile.el]] (e.g. find file and invoke M-x
+ eval-buffer) makes rudel-loaddefs.el and byte compiles all source
+ files. Then, add the following to your personal Emacs configuration:
(load-file "/PATH/TO/RUDEL/rudel-loaddefs.el")
This will set Rudel up to be loaded on demand when one of the
commands `rudel-join-session', `rudel-host-session' or
`global-rudel-minor-mode' is invoked.
- In order to achieve better performance, Emacs can byte-compile the
- Rudel code. This can be done by opening [[./rudel-compile.el]] in Emacs
- and invoking M-x eval-buffer.
#+TITLE: Rudel INSTALL Instructions
#+AUTHOR: Jan Moringen

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