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Improved docstring of rudel-xmpp-backend::rudel-make-connection

* rudel-xmpp.el (rudel-xmpp-backend::rudel-make-connection): improved
  documentation string
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1 parent c6b8503 commit ffc0a9fe460724fc5757688fd3a6f7ae03dd0316 @scymtym committed Jun 13, 2010
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@@ -96,7 +96,10 @@ XMPP connections.")
&optional progress-callback)
"Connect to an XMPP server using the information in INFO.
INFO has to be a property list containing at least the
-keys :host, :port and :jid.
++ :host a server name
++ :port TCP port to connect to
++ :jid jabber id that should be used
If non-nil, PROGRESS-CALLBACK has to be a function which is
called repeatedly to report progress."
;; Ensure that INFO contains all necessary information.

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