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A Flask-based web application for live cropping photos into media streams
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Oncrop is a web app that will crop a missing's friend face into the photo in real time. You place the photo by moving your phone around in the frame; the camera will track your phone using a provided ARUCO code. Don't worry, the web app is user friendly and will walk you through the steps.


Oncrop requires several dependencies to run. To make lives easier, dependency installation and configuration is all handled automatically by Simply open a shell and run the following commands:

	$ python

Note: Oncrop makes use of OpenCV's aruco detection capabilities, which seems to require opencv-contrib-python instead of just opencv-python. Even if you already have OpenCV installed, the setup script will download the opencv-contrib-python package.


After running the setup file above, cd into the ./source directory and run:

	$ python

When the application server starts, follow the link output to the terminal. It should look something like this:

	$ * Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)

The web app contains all of the instructions from there on out.

© 2019 Elias Gabriel, Duncan Mazza

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