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== Inviter (or more properly InviteR) ==

Every year I have a pot luck BBQ, which ends up with ~40 attendees.
When we first started this party, we used evite to invite people and
keep track of who was coming, largely because there was no free
software out there that did it.  Every year I spent time looking for
adequate free software to do this, and didn't find it.  This past
year, after struggling to figure out why evite and firefox 3 weren't
liking each other I threw in the towl and decided to write my own.
Because I knew a bit of rails, the project took me about a day to get
functional, and I would spend an hour here or there during the 3 weeks
leading up to the party to add more features.

There are many places this project could go from here, and I wanted to
release it so that others could benefit from the work as well.  It is
licensed under the Affero General Public License version 3 so that it
isn't turned into a bunch of random service forks.

== Basic Setup ==
Pull the source tree and run:


That should start up things.  You may need to create a directory or
two for rails to be happy.  

For actually running this site, you'll want to change
config/environment.rb to have different session and smtp settings.
Those only work on my laptop for testing.

== But wait, things don't work? ==
Probably.  I'm trying to get the source out early for the
configuration that worked for me, and I'll be updating it over time to
something that is actually easy for everyone to install and use.
Right now all the admin interface stuff is pretty ugly, and you need
to just know the url (/account/signup) to create a new account to let
you make events and locations.

== Ok, I figured out all your whacky logic, and have this patch to
make it better.  What do I do with it? ==
Please send it to me!  sean at dague dot net.  I'll try to be very
responsive to any patches.  I like patches.

== I'm lost in configuration, will you help me? ==
Probably.  Email me at sean at dague dot net.  If the question is
specific enough to my application I can help.  If it's just getting
rails up, sorry, there are lots better places in the world to get that

Share and enjoy!