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A drupal module for simultaneous saving events to meetup
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The point of this module is to synchronize events from a drupal
instance to a group. This uses the meetup API.

There are lots of rough edges in this code still, so you might need to
dive into the code if you happen to hit one of those.


After installation, go to the administration panel
(/admin/settings/meetup_events) and select which types have date
fields that you want to sync.

You must also specify your API key from, as well as the
numeric group id (which you can discover via the API console).


Everyone builds events differently, so building a complex
administration panel for this didn't make a lot of sense. Instead I'm
cheating and using the theme infrastructure.

You must implement 3 theme functions for your site:

* theme_meetup_events_body($node)

Given a fully populated $node, return the text (basic html markup
allowed) of the body. This could be as simple as $node->body, or it
could include other fields.

* theme_meetup_events_date($node)

Given a fully populated $node, return the start date/time.

* theme_meetup_events_venueid($node)

Given a fully populated $node, return the venueid as an


Meetup has no way of creating the venues programatically, which is
probably good.

So the basic flow is as follows:
* create the event on drupal
* see that the event was synced to
* set a venue on for the event
* copy that venue id back to a cck field somewhere in drupal

If you're using a location type which is a node reference from your
events, this works out very well, as you need to build this location
-> venue link only once, future events at that venue will
automatically get synced.

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