Chrome extension that delivers Terms of Service summaries one point at a time.
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Broccoli for TOS;DR (Terms of Service; Didn't Read) is a free extension available in the Chrome App Store.

Download link:

"Broccoli" is kind of like terms of service: avoided at all costs but good for you. ;)

Review websites' terms of service and privacy policies, one point at a time, with the latest summaries from Broccoli displays these summaries one point at a time, so that you can digest these agreements over time (there's also a list-view for a succinct overview).


  • Nicely formatted, point-by-point descriptions (along with metadata).
  • Option to review a service's points (Is this fair? yes or no) (and download/export or clear all of your reviews).
  • A succinct list-view that provides a quick-look for all points of a website.
  • If a point is updated by TOS;DR, Broccoli will return it to 'un-reviewed' status.
  • Draws information from one of the best sources of summarized terms of service and privacy policies on the net.

  • written with coffeescript (

  • use the command 'coffee -o broccoli/package -cw broccoli/coffeescripts' from the root directory

  • To just toy around with extension and not worry about minification.

  • Go to popup.html and uncomment the script popup.js and background.js lines (and comment out the popup.min.js and background.min.js) ^^ then do the same in the manifest.json. -Then you can load unpacked extension.

  • using uglify for minification (

  • use the command uglifyjs popup.js --compress -o popup.min.js uglifyjs background.js --compress -o background.min.js and then manually deleting extra JS files before zipping package