Quickly and easily dual-boot Elementary OS and OS X on a Mac with no technical knowledge
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Elementary OS Install utility


Elementary OS Install utility


Easy-to-use utility that installs Elementary OS on your Mac and helps you boot it. This file references Install Elementary OS Utility version 6.0.2 which can be downloaded here. This tool is heavily based on @aroman's manual freya-on-a-mac guide. Screenshot



App Guide:

Elementary OS Install Utility is divided into four main functions. These four functions will prepare your Mac for Elementary OS. The "Full install” button partitions your computer with space for Elementary and the installer, installs the boot picker, adds the Elementary installer, and offers to show the complete instructions.


Before installing Elementary OS, you’ll need to give it a place to install to. This step shrinks your Mac partition, and adds an empty partition for Elementary OS and an empty partition for the Elementary OS Installer. You should not perform this step multiple times; if your Mac is partitioned already and you’d like to remove the partitions, you should use Disk Utility.

Install Boot picker

When you turn on your Mac, the boot picker will ask you whether you want to boot Elementary OS or OS X. If you’ve already installed the boot picker, it’ll upgrade it to the latest version. If you stop seeing the boot picker (for example, after updating your Mac) hold the option key while booting, boot into OS X, open this app and run this step again.

Add installer

You’ll need an Elementary OS ISO file downloaded from the Elementary OS website. The ISO file must be at least version Freya (0.3). This step must be run after partitioning; it will put the installer onto the Elementary OS installer partition.

Erase installer

This step will remove the installer created in the “Add installer” step and format the partition so you don’t see the option to install Elementary OS every time you turn on your Mac.

Building from source:

Should support OOTB building from source using Xcode ≥6 - sometimes works in >6 but not reliably.

The built app has been tested for OS X ≥10.9


See HUMANS.txt

Technical Details:

Elementary OS Install Utility is a Cocoa-Applescript App created using Xcode. It uses mostly shell scripts to perform its tasks. An upcoming port to Python is planned - contact samuel@daitzman.com if you are interested :)

Boring stuff:

This tool is licensed under the file contained in LICENSE.md. The contents of LICENSE.md take priority over the following non-legalese:

I will not prosecute, sue, or send grumpy emails to anyone using any part of this project for a fully open-source project. I ask that you mention me in credits, or your README, or somewhere like that if you do use this. If you make money with this, it's cool as long as you've made some changes. You absolutely may not sell this on its own. By using this project you surrender your immortal souls, now and forevermore, to Me and Me alone. They shall be claimable within one week of notification by Me or any divine or mortal representative of Me.

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