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A repository for the Monocle Ipsum code, forked from Bacon-Ipsum

= What's in here? =

sdm-MonocleIpsumGenerator.php - Contains the MonocleIpsumGenerator class for generating bespoke filler text. For example:

require_once 'sdm-MonocleIpsumGenerator.php';
$monocle_ipsum_generator = new MonocleIpsumGenerator();
$bespoke_filler = $monocle_ipsum_generator->Make_Some_Meaty_Filler('economy-class', 3, true);

sdm-monocle-ipsum-form.php - WordPress plugin for generating the form you see on our home page as well as processing the form and outputting monocle ipsum filler.

sdm-monocle-ipsum-api.php - WordPress plugin for our JSON API.

Revision History

= v2.1.1 October 18, 2012 =

= v2.1 July 21, 2012 =

  • Changed the Make_Some_Meaty_Filler() function to return an array of paragraphs instead of straight HTML, added default parameters
  • Added support for individual sentences
  • Added sentence support to the API code, minor code refactoring
  • Added more randomness to commas in a sentence. Instead of always adding a comma to a sentence with seven or more words, it will add one about 2/3rds of the time.
  • Updated jQuery plugin and sample code to support sentences

= July 14, 2012 =

  • First public release (generator, form plugin and API plugin)


Bespoke filler text.



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