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Changed duplicate detector

Only detect if revert count is same. Edit count will always be
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sdamashek committed Dec 31, 2012
1 parent 64949a3 commit 68c8cb062c7b2ec395f9b1aec96487184050d40e
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@@ -36,10 +36,10 @@
print "RV Per Minute: ", theTuple[1] #Same, but for reverts
a = open("bot.txt") #open connection to the previous value file, bot.txt
b = #set value of a to b
if str(theTuple[0]) + " " + str(theTuple[1]) not in b:
if str(theTuple[1]) not in b:
a.close() #close to make way for write connection
a = open("bot.txt", "w") #Open in write connection
a.write(str(theTuple[0]) + " " + str(theTuple[1])) #Add current values to previous value file
a.write(str(theTuple[1])) #Add current values to previous value file
a.close() #A is no longer needed
print "Template:"
edit = """{{{{#if:{{{style|}}}|wdefcon/styles/{{{style}}}|{{{prefix|User:Zsinj/}}}Wdefcon}}

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