A scheduling robot for automated webradios.
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This is the song scheduler of the Bide&Musique webradio (www.bide-et-musique.com).
It's a full-fledged scheduler with features akin to what you'll find in professional
products such as Selector, however it's also a geeky scheduler. Terminology does
not follow what is commonly used in radio and the database requirements will
probably look alien. It's also heavily bent towards automated music internet
radios: webradios that schedules songs almost 100% of the time without human

Documentation is almost non-existent and will be so for a time. That means
that the DB schema required by the scheduler is not documented and can only be
infered from reading the code (sql.inc is good to start since all sql is there).
Maybe I'll write some scripts to create a sample DB one day.  That stuff should 
be generic enough to be used by any webradio. In theory, since lack of documentation 
actually forbids any real use.

That stuff was written somewhen in june 2007 and the code has not changed since.
I intended to develop a web interface around a sample database to ease integration
by others but I never found the time.

Technical stuff:

    - Features described in FEATURES or FEATURES-french
    - The scheduler only schedules the next songs to play. Streaming
      and more generally handling of audio streams has to taken
      care of by some third party tool such as Ice or LiquidSoap.
    - Written in imperative PHP (5.3 will work). Why? Because it is
      the de facto script language in B&M, and anyway why not?
    - Pear/Log needed for, hem logging.
    - MySQL for DB.

Feel free to ask for hints and stuff at <serge.danzanvilliers@gmail.com>
or <mouke@bide-et-musique.com>