Simple and efficient implementations of usual concurrency patterns (actors, future, thread pool) for C# / .NET.
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SimpleConcurrency.NET: a library providing simple implementations of common
concurrency patterns (actors, futures, thread pool) with easy to use interfaces
while keeping good performances. 

Sample code is found in the Samples and Test directories. You'll find simple
examples of the various services provided by the library, as well as an
implementation of the Thread Ring benchmark.

You can compile the solution with either Visual Studio or MonoDevelop.
The library should also work with the Mono runtime.


Very simple Actor pattern implementation with a scala-like feel. Actors may
either 'receive' messages, or 'react' to them just as in the scala actors


Straightforward generic implementation of the future pattern. Future are
statisfied via a property (read access will block until statisfied), can
receive exceptions, and may be waited for with a time out.


A simple thread pool allowing scheduling of jobs in a "fair" way. Jobs are
enqueued in the pool associated to a tag. To pick a job to run, the threads
in the pool cycle through the tags in round robin. Thus you're guaranted
that jobs associated to a tag are never blocked by a bunch of jobs associated
to another tag: the pool will alternate between tags when picking jobs from
its queue.

The interface is simple and allows:
	- pushing jobs in the pool and forget them.
	- pushing jobs and wait for completion.
	- pushing jobs and get a result through use of the Future pattern.
	- changing the number of threads in the pool at runtime.
	- multiple thread pools: the FairThreadPool is not a singleton.