Tessendorf's FFT ocean simulation for 3ds Max.
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Tessendorf's FFT ocean simulation for 3ds Max. Visual Studio 2010 is required to build plug-ins using the Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 SDK. However, you can also use a later version of Visual Studio as long as VS 2010 is installed to provide access to the build tools.

By default, the project compiles into TessendorfOcean.dlo, a 3ds Max object plug-in. The plug-in will automatically be placed into ...\3ds Max 2014\plugins once compiled. The default parameters will produce a calm, rippling ocean surface; increase the speed to produce more turbulent waves.


  • Animatable by keying the Time parameter
  • Customizable scale, amplitude, speed, direction, choppiness
  • Resolution can be specified through length and width segments, as in a normal plane
  • Automatically generates UV texture coordinates

For more information on how Tessendorf's equations are used to generate waves, see Jerry Tessendorf's course notes. The comments in tessendorf.cpp will direct you to the corresponding equation in the course notes.

This project minimally uses Autodesk sample code.

This project uses the FFTW library, which is licensed under the GPL. Please see LICENSE for more information.