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I have a problem: http://stackoverflow.com/q/12543565/2998

Current observations:

  • This works as I'd expect on the iPhone
  • On the iPad the "I'm done" button doesn't work
  • On the iPad the activityViewController appears modally rather than as a popup. Is this Apple's bug or am I missing something?

In detail:

I have a UIActivity subclass that creates its own activityViewController:

- (UIViewController *)activityViewController {
    WSLInProgressViewController* progressView = [[[WSLInProgressViewController alloc] init] autorelease];
    progressView.message = [NSString stringWithFormat:NSLocalizedString(@"Posting to %@...",@"Posting to..."),

    return progressView;

According to the documentation, you are not supposed to dismiss this manually. Instead, the OS does that when you call activityDidFinish:. This works just fine when run on an iPhone.

When I say "works," this is the sequence of events that I'm expecting (and see on the iPhone):

  1. Display the UIActivityViewController
  2. User presses my custom activity
  3. My view controller appears
  4. I call activityDidFinish:
  5. My custom view controller is dismissed
  6. The UIActivityViewController is also dismissed

However, when I run this exact same code on the iPad Simulator -- the only difference being that I put the UIActivityViewController in a popup, as the documentation says you should -- the activityViewController is never dismissed.

As I say, this is exactly the same code that works on the iPhone and I have stepped through the code so I know that activityDidFinish: is getting called.

I found this Radar talking about the same problem in iOS 6 beta 3, but it seems such fundamental functionality that I suspect a bug in my code rather than OS (also note that it works correctly with the Twitter and Facebook functionality!).

Am I missing something? Do I need to do something special in the activityViewController when it's run in a UIPopoverViewController? Is the "flow" supposed to be different on the iPad?