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JAX-RS Analyzer

Generates an overview of all JAX-RS resources in a project by bytecode analysis.

Yet another such JAX-RS tool?
Yes, but this gathers the information about the JAX-RS resource classes by bytecode analysis (not just by reflection). This gains more information in several situations. You don’t need additional annotations on your JAX-RS resource methods. Using the JSR 339 standard is sufficient.

Java 8 is needed for the Analyzer.

For usage see the documentation.

Maven Plugin

The Analyzer can be added to your project via Maven plugin.

Gradle Plugin

For Gradle based projects - third-party Gradle plugin could be used.


Instead of using the Maven plugin, the tool can also run directly from the jar file. You can download the latest version here.


The Analyzer supports Plaintext, AsciiDoc, Markdown and Swagger as output format.

Documentation / Feature list

... can be found here.

Feedback, bug reports and ideas for improvement are very welcome! Feel free to fork, comment, file an issue, etc. ;-)

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