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Eclipse debugger for GWT SuperDevMode

(and for JavaScript with Sourcemaps in general)

This is an Eclipse plugin designed to expose IDE debugging support for compiled JavaScript applications using Sourcemaps.

The primary target is to support debugging of GWT apps running in SuperDevMode, but the plugin core is language-agnostic and can support other compile-to-JavaScript languages in future.

For downloads, installation, status updates and other usage information, please visit the SDBG website.

Any comments, bugs or issues should be directed to the SDBG Forums.

Build Instructions

git clone

(forgive the large download; we have retained all Dart history for posterity and access via eGit)

You may use the following parameters to reduce the size drastically:

git clone --filter=blob:none

For development, you are recommended to import the root of the source as a Maven (Eclipse M4E) project.

Inside the com.github.sdbg.debug.ui project, you will see a launch configuration called SDBG.launch. Running this will open a new instance of Eclipse with the debugger plugin installed.

You may also do a full Maven build by running (at the root of the source):

mvn install

The above command will also create the SDBG Eclipse P2 repository and ZIP.

If you encounter any issues, please post to the SDBG Forum


Any coding or testing you can contribute would be greatly appreciated!
However, we do ask that if you want to commit code, please drop us a message on the Google Group;
if you want to work on a feature, we may already have a branch under way, or can at help you get caught up quickly.


This project is released under the Eclipse Public License v1.0, with copyright attribution to the Dart project authors.

The attribution is necessary, because the original codebase was forked-off from the Dart project. Many thanks to the Dart guys for the splendid code quality and their support!