A Drupal continuous integration infrastructure in a box.
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A Drupal continuous integration infrastructure in a box. This currently includes:

  • Jenkins
  • Drush
  • PHP
  • a simple build job (configured via roles/config.yml)

Inception is in active development at Myplanet Digital, and should be considered alpha code. Stability and full documentation not yet guaranteed.


Why don't most developers use continuous integration? We think it's because it's hard to know where to start. We'd like to make it as simple as entering your cloud provider credentials (Rackspace/AWS/whatever) and running a single command.


  • Jenkins integration with Github project via commit links.
  • Authentications via GitHub credentials. Anyone in a specified GitHub organization will be given access to the Jenkins UI. This will not work locally on Vagrant.
  • Various rake tasks for helping with everything from fixing Vagrant networking issues to automating the webform signup for Opscode Platform. Type bundle exec rake -D or bundle exec rake -T to see available tasks.



$ curl -L get.rvm.io | bash -s 1.14.1
$ source ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm
$ git clone git@github.com:myplanetdigital/inception.git
$ cd inception
$ bundle exec librarian-chef install


While the default demo stack will boot without any custom configuration, you'll likely want to tailor it to your needs.

  • Configure the build job settings in roles/config.yml. You'll need to register a GitHub application in order to enter credentials.
  • Customize the data_bags/users entries, which will be used by the user cookbook to set up linux users with SSH keys. A sample entry patcon.json is provided, but please see the cookbook documentation for more advanced configuration. Also, I enjoy access to random machines, so please feel free to deploy my keys. (My ascii-clowns.sh script has not been getting nearly enough use lately. And who doesn't want ASCII clowns randomly inserted into every file in their home directory?)

The next steps vary based on how you'd like to launch the Inception stack.


If you have Vagrant installed, you can test the setup on local virtual machines:

$ bundle exec vagrant up  # Spin up the VM
$ bundle exec vagrant ssh # SSH into the VM

You can now view the Jenkins UI at: http://localhost:8080

Please see the known issue below regarding problems with Jenkins when restarting the VM with vagrant reload.

You can also access this virtual jenkins through the command-line by running:

$ bundle exec jenkins configure --host=localhost --port=8080
$ bundle exec jenkins --help


If you have an Amazon Web Services or Rackspace account, there are several ways to host Inception in the cloud (going from simplest to more complex):

  • Provisioned as a standalone server with Chef Solo.
  • Provisioned as part of a hosted Chef Server setup via Opscode Platform.
  • Provisioned as part of a self-hosted Chef Server setup.

Keep in mind that you will need to self-host the Jenkins server regardless. It is only the Chef Server hosting that varies: none, hosted, or self-hosted. If you have no plans to expand your infrastructure, provisioning a server via Chef Solo should work fine, and there will be less overhead to worry about.

Stand-alone Chef Solo

Assuming you have received credentials (root password and IP address) for a fresh server running Ubuntu Lucid, run these commands substituting an appropriate PROJECT name:

$ echo -e "Host IP_ADDRESS\n  StrictHostKeyChecking no" >> ~/.ssh/config
$ bundle exec ssh-forever root@<IP_ADDRESS> -i /path/to/ssh_key.pub -n jenkins-PROJECT
$ # Enter root password when prompted.
$ ssh jenkins-PROJECT "curl -L http://www.opscode.com/chef/install.sh | bash /dev/stdin -v 0.10.8-3"
$ ssh jenkins-PROJECT "apt-get install rsync"
$ bundle exec rake "chef_solo:remote_run[jenkins-PROJECT]"

Notes: The chef-solo-search cookbook is simply a container for a library that allows for chef-server search functions that are not available in native chef-solo. See that project's README for documentation.

More coming soon...

Hosted via Opscode Platform

Opscode platform is a hosted Chef server that is free for managing up to 5 servers. This should be more than enough for each project-specific CI setup.

We'll be including various Rake tasks to automate the setup process as much as possible. These rake tasks will attempt to use a browser webdriver to fill out web forms and perform simple setup tasks for you.

You may view the available tasks from the project root by running rake -D (for full descriptions) or rake -T (for short descriptions)

More coming soon...

Self-hosted Chef Server

Coming soon...

Known Issues

  • When GitHub authentication isn't set up, default security allows free-for-all signups with immediate access. You'll want to signup your first admin user, and then lock down Jenkins:

    Manage Jenkins > Configure System > Security Realm > Jenkin's own user database > Allow users to sign up (UNCHECK)

  • Currently, every entry in the users databag that uses zsh must be enabled in the users entry of config.yml, or there will be an ohmyzsh-related error during chef run.

To Do

  • Include a base Drupal install profile to show file structure and bare minimum scripting expectations.
  • Currently, oh-my-zsh cookbook fails if user databag entry exists which is not "enabled". Submit a patch to account for the cases where this is untrue.
  • Look into better alternative to for node['jenkins']['server']['host']
  • Add feature to create DNS a-record if DynDNS API credentials are supplied in config.yml.
  • Add recommendation for gcc-isntaller rather than xcode?
  • Fix setup instructions like in ariadne (rvm reload?)
  • Add note on port forwarding 8080. (:auto?)
  • Figure out bundler issue in rvmrc by starting fresh (Yash's compy). Might NOT work on Lion for now.
  • Create rake task for chef-solo setup steps?
  • replace ssh-forever with straighy-up rake task or cap?
  • Make timezone in /etc/default/jenkins configurable.
  • Add spiceweasel support for launching into the cloud when using chef-server.
  • Provide instructions on using with Opscode hosted Chef server?
  • Use watir-webdriver and rake to create an opscode hosted chef account and/or create a new hosted chef organization.
  • Create a chef server as a multi-VM Vagrant environment (or use Hatch?)