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We are proud to announce the immediate availability of SDDM 0.14.0.

Full release announcement is here.

Change log:

  • New sddm.conf option EnableAvatars (useful for slow filesystems)
  • New sddm.conf option UserAuthFile on the XDisplay section
    to change the default Xauthority file name and path.
  • New sddm.conf option SessionLogFile on XDisplay and WaylandDisplay
    sections to change the default user session log location.
  • ComboBox now exposes the arrow background color as
    "arrowColor" property.
  • New "style" theme configuration for QtQuick Controls 2.0.
  • Require Qt 5.6 or better.
  • Enable HiDPI support.
  • Refresh sessions list.
  • Always fallback to an embedded theme if no suitable theme is found.
  • Actually change Qt platform theme.
  • Switch to Wayland session vt only when authentication
  • Close PAM session.
  • Delete PAM credentials after closing the session.
  • More theme-neutral default user and root avatars
  • REMOVED the "circles" theme. Remember to change it if you had it set!
  • REMOVED the "maui" theme as a standalone theme as it is now
    embedded in the greeter. Remember to change the theme to empty
    if you had it set to "maui".
  • Update Estonian translation.
  • Add Catalan translation from Robert Antoni Buj Gelonch.
  • Add Dutch translation from Eric Hameleers.
  • Add Slovak translation from Martin Minka.
  • Add Swedish translation from Kristoffer Grundström.
  • Add Ukrainian translation from Cherevan Andriy.
  • Add Indian flag from Sanjeev Premi.


  • 2b34276c33329d51dd35df15c59e6ebbe9b27127 sddm-0.14.0.tar.gz
  • ee92a2b27602c13d6ac5cfd34399192a31ca033c sddm-0.14.0.tar.xz