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@davidedmundson davidedmundson released this Jul 18, 2018 · 22 commits to develop since this release

The SDDM team is proud to announce the release of SDDM,
the Simple Desktop Display Manager.

SDDM is made possible thanks to the collaborative work of the Liri,
KDE and LXQt projects, as well as the help and contributions from dozens
of other developers.

The SDDM team is working very hard towards SDDM 1.0.0.
Want to help us? Want to join us? Found any bugs?
Please file bug reports and pull requests on our Github tracker:

The sources are hosted on GitHub, release tag is here.
Please see the "INSTALL" file for build instructions.


  • Support theme supplied avatars
  • Compile against Qt 5.11
  • Fix platform detection for HighDPI
  • On close, switch VT to a running session if applicable
  • Better ConsoleKit support
  • Fix authentication when non-default hidden option ReuseSession=true is used (CVE-2018-14345)
  • Hide sessions with NoDisplay=true
  • Honor PAM's ambient supplemental groups
  • Cleanup socket destruction
  • Don't quit on SIGHUP
  • Updated translations


We would like to thank the following developers for their contributions to this release:

Pier Luigi Fiorini, Fabian Vogt, David Edmundson, Dmitry Torokhov, Hendrik Lehmbruch, Robert Hoffmann, Shinjo Park, Alain Kalker, Alexander Miller, Alf Gaida, Birkir Ólafsson, Bjorn Pagen, Christoph Roick, Dāvis, Erik Ridderby, James Turnbull, Konrad Tegtmeier, Lion Yang, Luís Pereira, Orivej Desh, Romain Labolle, Sogatori, eszlari, now-im, rbuj


SHA256 checksums:
9c50b6194f1b4dbf6e1a1b21f23c2c5e384871172985e192b91585986d38eec4 sddm-0.18.0.tar.gz
07ed0c073bbd980613fa7a65d290ef62cbe4dc97c30ec89bd9e2ae876d8a9e45 sddm-0.18.0.tar.xz

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