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@plfiorini plfiorini released this Mar 31, 2019 · 23 commits to develop since this release

The SDDM team is proud to announce the release 0.18.1 of SDDM,
the Simple Desktop Display Manager.

SDDM is made possible thanks to the collaborative work of the Liri,
KDE and LXQt projects, as well as the help and contributions from dozens
of other developers.

SDDM is developed by volunteers, please consider donating
money that can be used to support the features that you most desire.

This is a point release which includes this hot fix:

Use C++ scoping for handling buffer deletion - link

The list of changes is also available in our CHANGELOG file:

The SDDM team is working very hard towards SDDM 1.0.0.
Want to help us? Want to join us? Found any bugs?
Please file bug reports and pull requests on our Github tracker:

The 0.18.1 sources are hosted on GitHub, release tag is here.
Please see the "INSTALL" file for build instructions.

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