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0.13.0 Release Announcement

Pier Luigi Fiorini edited this page Nov 4, 2015 · 3 revisions

The SDDM team is proud to announce the release 0.13.0 of SDDM, the Simple Desktop Display Manager.

SDDM is made possible thanks to the collaborative work of the Hawaii, KDE and LXDE projects, as well as the help and contributions from dozens of other developers.

Change log:

  • Greeter inherits path environment variables from parent so that themes installed in non-standard paths will work.
  • Add ENABLE_PAM option to toggle PAM support at build time.
  • Allow overriding textColor in ComboBox.
  • Don't cast QByteArray to (char *).
  • Disable greeters from loading KDE's debug hander (fix CVE-2015-0856).
  • Fix multi-screen support for some setups.
  • Added Serbian translation.
  • Added Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Improved German translation.
  • Remove failsafe session entry.
  • Close the pipe fd passed to X server.
  • A few micro-optimizations.

The list of changes is also available in our ChangeLog file:

The SDDM team is working very hard towards SDDM 1.0.0. Want to help us? Want to join us? Found any bugs? Please file bug reports and pull requests on our Github tracker:

The 0.13.0 sources are hosted on GitHub, release tag is here. Please see the "" file for build instructions.

We would like to thank the following developers for their contributions to this release:

Pier Luigi Fiorini, Jerome Leclanche, Nick Shaforostoff, David Edmundson, Dāvis, Hendrik Lehmbruch, Janik Rabe, Jeff Huang, Mingye Wang, Mladen Pejaković, Weng Xuetian

Commits list:

David Edmundson (1):

  • Disable greeters from loading KDE's debug hander - link

Dāvis (1):

  • Don't cast QByteArray to (char *) - link

Hendrik Lehmbruch (1):

  • Wilkommen zu changed to Willkommen auf, this is more logical - link

Janik Rabe (1):

  • Improve German translation - link

Jeff Huang (1):

  • Add zh_TW translation. - link

Jerome Leclanche (3):

  • Update - link
  • Use Markdown for INSTALL - link
  • Allow overriding textColor in ComboBox - link

Mingye Wang (1):

  • Align flag name to CI settings - link

Mladen Pejaković (1):

  • Add Serbian translations (all 4 variants) - link

Nick Shaforostoff (2):

Pier Luigi Fiorini (20):

  • Prepare a change log entry for 0.13.0 - link
  • Import from qtsdk - link
  • Remove unused PPA from Travis CI - link
  • Add back clang support to Travis CI - link
  • Build with or without PAM on Travis CI - link
  • Separate keyboard code into multiple files - link
  • Inherit path environment variables from parent - link
  • Update to Qt 5.4.2 for CI - link
  • Always create a window for each screen - link
  • A screen model for each window - link
  • Update ChangeLog - link
  • Remove the failsafe session entry - link
  • Screen model returns correct primary index - link
  • Introduce primaryScreen property - link
  • themes: Adapt to latest screen related changes - link
  • Add feature summary - link
  • Add ENABLE_PAM option - link
  • Update ChangeLog - link
  • Add a missing ChangeLog entry - link
  • Bump version to 0.13.0 - link

Weng Xuetian (1):

  • Close the pipe fd passed to X server. - link
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