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0.15.0 Release Announcement

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The SDDM team is proud to announce the release 0.15.0 of SDDM, the Simple Desktop Display Manager.

SDDM is made possible thanks to the collaborative work of the Liri, KDE and LXQt projects, as well as the help and contributions from dozens of other developers.

This release mostly consists of bug fixes.

Release notes:

  • Fix loading of some avatars
  • CONFIG: add option EnableHiDPI to allow opt out of auto scaling
  • Theme cursor
  • Support optional kwallet PAM opening
  • Autologin, used last used session if not explicitly set in config
  • Ignore session desktop files with hidden=true
  • Support elogind
  • Many new and improved translations

The list of changes is also available in our CHANGELOG file:

The SDDM team is working very hard towards SDDM 1.0.0. Want to help us? Want to join us? Found any bugs? Please file bug reports and pull requests on our Github tracker:

The 0.15.0 sources are hosted on Github. Please see the "INSTALL" file for build instructions.

We would like to thank the following developers for their contributions to this release:

Pier Luigi Fiorini, David Edmundson, Fabian Vogt, naund, Raphael Kubo da Costa, Sanjeev Premi, Albert Vaca, Andreas Müller, Aurélien COUDERC, Bastian Beischer, Florian Jacob, Guo Yunhe, Hendrik Lehmbruch, Kristoffer Grundström, Marcin Mikołajczak, Palo Kisa, Papoteur, Robert Antoni Buj Gelonch, Stany MARCEL, Sven Eden, scootergrisen, tesfabpel, welaq, 林博仁

Commits list:

Albert Vaca (1): Unlock Gnome keyring on login (#711) - link

Andreas Müller (1): autologin: try last successful session if no autologin session is set - link

Aurélien COUDERC (1): Don’t install themes Main.qml/metadata.desktop twice, in some conditions they don’t get configured - link

Bastian Beischer (1): Fix display of user avatars. (#684) - link

David Edmundson (6): Cleanup dangling pointer in SocketServer (#725) - link Fix all incorrect use of QStringLiteral - link Fix QStringLiteral - link Also set QT_IM_MODULE in non testing mode - link Bump version to 0.15.0 - link Update changelog - link

Fabian Vogt (4): Make the default cursor themed (#705) - link Parse desktop file sections - link Ignore session desktop files with the Hidden property set to true - link Also theme the default cursor for the root window - link

Florian Jacob (1): add fish shell specific commands to Xsession and wayland-session to get the fish-specific login environment instead of the catchall /etc/profile environment. - link

Guo Yunhe (1): Support Non-Latin characters in theme settings (#708) - link

Hendrik Lehmbruch (1): elarun: Update date and time - link

Kristoffer Grundström (1): Completed translation to Swedish (#709) - link

Marcin Mikołajczak (1): updated Polish translation - link

Palo Kisa (1): UserModel: Check for duplicates from getpwent() - link

Papoteur (1): Update fr.ts (#710) - link

Pier Luigi Fiorini (8): releng: Update - link releng: Fix Perl errors - link releng: Support GitHub issue references - link Fix manual for Current theme setting - link Update mailmap - link Install maya theme - link Move EnableHiDPI setting to X11 and Wayland sections - link Document EnableHiDPI setting - link

Raphael Kubo da Costa (2): Include errno.h and string.h where needed. - link Add LIBXCB_INCLUDE_DIR to the list of include directories. - link

Robert Antoni Buj Gelonch (1): Improve Catalan translation - link

Sanjeev Premi (2): Add Hindi translations (#706) - link Simple theme 'maya' (#717) - link

Stany MARCEL (1): Add a config option to enable high-DPI scaling (#701) - link

Sven Eden (1): Support elogind as an alterantive session tracker for systemd-logind. - link

naund (3): add kwallet5 support - link Implemented kwallet5 for autologon as well - link Failure log messages if gnome keyring is not installed. - link

scootergrisen (1): Add danish (da) translation (#766) - link

tesfabpel (1): Remove quotes from ServerArguments (#696) - link

welaq (1): Corrections in Lithuanian language - link

林博仁 (1): sddm-helper: x11: fix unsupported number of arguements error for unity session - link

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