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SDDM depends on PAM for authorization and XCB to communicate with the X server. Also it depends on Qt for user interface and event loop management, apart from other things. SDDM can optionally make use of systemd login manager or upower to enable support for suspend, hibernate etc.


SDDM uses CMake to configure the build and it can be compiled with the typical cmake build process:

mkdir build

cd build



After successfully building the software, type following to install.

sudo make install

When found, systemd will be used for power management. When systemd is not available build will fallback to using upower. If upower can not be found either, shutdown/reboot/suspend/hibernate actions won't be available. Note that, when systemd found, HaltCommand and RebootCommand config file entries has no effect.

SDDM uses Qt 5.

Note that SDDM uses certain C++11 features for a modern and clean codebase, therefore needs gcc >= 4.7 to compile.


After installation you can use sddm.conf to configure sddm. Options in the config file are mostly self explanatory, but you can also consult the sample config file, by default named as sddm.conf.sample, which contains comments for each invidiual option.